Brainstem is a designmediaproduction and copywriting agency.


Gone are the days of run-of the-mill, templated brand building formulas. In a fast-paced cluttered marketplace, your brand needs strategic leverage across multiple touch points to make an impact that’s novel, memorable and one that truly lasts. Here’s where Brainstem steps in to empower your brand with avantgarde brand management solutions from identity design to 360 degrees communication. Founded in September 2013 as the creative arm of the Al Humaidi Group, Brainstem combines experience in managing brands locally, regionally and internationally.

We synergize marketing breakthroughs and global know-how with our acumen into local sensibilities and socio-culturaldrivers to position your brand for take-off and augment its relevance every leg of the flight.


We embrace change just as you do. Evolution is the very backbone of our brand building philosophy. This translates into customized and cost-effective solutions to suit every marketing budget, to yield strong returns on your marketing investment.

We hold immense faith in the potential of startups, small businesses and medium enterprises in shaping Kuwait’s economic growth, as well as in the talent of our youth – a growing and sophisticated demographic that your brand simply cannot afford to ignore.


With a pulse on emerging trends and media consumption habits, we stir up communication that inspires people to think, consider, believe, internalize and act. From branding to media production, character design to illustration, and motion graphics to animation, Brainstem is dedicated to turning your ideas into reality.